Center for Bioscience Research and Education, Utsunomiya University


Center for Bioscience Research and Education (C-Bio) was established 2008 to support development of education and research for Bioscience. C-Bio holds Biotechnology Courses to provide experiences of wonderful Bioscience field for high school students and teachers.

C-Bio has labs fully equipped with instruments for molecular biology including Sanger- and a Next-Generation Sequencing machines. And there are several kinds of microscopes, i.e., confocal laser scanning microscope, SEM and so on.

Recently, sustainable crop production and food supply and countermeasure to climate changes have been getting more important issues in the world.  C-Bio is trying to solve these issues with collaborating other faculty of agriculture, engineering and optics center in Utsunomiya University and other institutes.  Our mission is contributing society through research and education in many aspects of Bioscience fields.



  1. Supporting Research Activity

We provide animal rooms, glasshouses and incubators for plants, facility for transgenic experiments, biochemical analysis and so on. There are divisions as follows; Genomics Analysis, Functional Analysis for Bio-Molecular Function, Animals, Plant Resources, and Radio Isotope. Each division is equipped with latest facility and machines.  We hold technical seminars and consultations to support users research activity from the both side of hardware and software.


  1. Outreach

We are entrusted with programs such as ‘Inspiration and Discovery for Science–KAKENHI’ by JSPS, and ‘Super Science High Schools’ and  ‘Global Science Campus’ by JST.  These programs are promoting science education for elementary, junior and high school students so that they can touch scientific fields and flourish worldwide in the future. ‘Biotechnology Experience Course’ is one of the important programs in summer season and more than 100 students participate it each year.

And 4 staff is doing researches based on  ‘Regional Innovation Strategy Support Program’ by MEXT. They focus on sustainable production, postharvest physiology and functional compositions in ‘Strawberry ‘fruits that is the major product in Tochigi prefecture.


  1. Research

C-Bio is the institute at the heart of collaborative researches among Agriculture, Engineering and others. Highly trained faculty staff is performing basic and applied research in molecular biology, biochemistry, ecology, bioinformatics and so on.


  1. Faculty Staff

Prof. Koichi Yoneyama (D. Agr.):

Prof. Masaru Matsuda (D. Sci.)

Assoc. Prof. Takahito Nomura (D. Agr.)

Assoc. Prof. Yutaka Kodama (D. Sci.)

Assis. Prof. Xiaonan Xie (D. Agr.)

Assoc. Prof. Tomohiro Suzuki (D. Agr.)

Assoc. Prof. Hitoshi Miyakawa (D. Sci.)


‘Regional Innovation Strategy Support Program’

Prof. Kazumi Yagasaki (D. Agr.)

Dr. Hiroshi Kato (D. Agr.)

Dr. Shinichi Adachi (D. Agr.)

Mr. Shinji Kondo (Ms.)


Radio Isotope Section: Mr. Kei Hirata

Secretary: Ms. Chihiro Ohno

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